News - CultiGo platform installed in the newest location of Avril, Supermarché Santé in Laval - a first in Quebec!

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Avril Supermarché Santé is now open in Laval,
becoming Quebec’s largest natural and organic products store
A $10M investment creating 200 jobs

Granby, June 7, 2018 – Health food supermarket chain Avril Supermarché Santé keeps on expanding and opens today its 8th branch at Centre Laval, at the intersection of Saint-Martin and Le Corbusier boulevards. Measuring 44,000 sq. ft., Avril Laval becomes the largest natural and organic products store in Quebec. "The opening of our 8th store in Laval is another step towards achieving our ultimate mission of democratizing natural and organic products and making them accessible to all," says Sylvie Senay, co-founder and co-owner of Avril Supermarché Santé.

Fueling the local economy
The Laval branch represents a $10M investment for the Quebec-based supermarket chain, founded in 1995 by Sylvie Senay and Rolland Tanguay. The opening of this new store has created 200 new jobs, bringing the total number of employees to nearly 1,000, working either at one of the eight branches, at the logistics and distribution center or at the head office in Granby.

Enhanced food offering
The Laval branch is the biggest one yet. In addition to the fruits & vegetables, ready-to-eat, supplements and cosmetics sections, a 130-seat food court and a terrace seating another 48 have been added. Two menus are offered, one bistro-style and a vegan alternative, both inspired by the products sold in store.

Adapting to its customer’s needs and lifestyle, Avril Laval offers even more choice, based on three main principles: flavour, freshness and simplicity. Customers can now purchase fresh fish, homemade pizza, organic roasted chicken,bread and pastries, gelatos and grab-and-go meals. In a desire to offer only the best to their customers, Avril’s cofounders left nothing to chance. The gelatos are prepared in the traditional Italian style. The pizzas are made from the finest organic ingredients, including San Marzano tomatoes, and are baked on stone in a state-of-the-art oven. As for the fish, they come from sustainable fishing practices and most are Ocean Wise certified.

Microgreens grown on-site, year-round
Avril and Inno-3B have invested $500,000 in R&D to develop the CultiGo automated vertical farming platform, a technology developed in Quebec by Inno-3B. Avril Laval will grow organic microgreens on-site year-round. Revolutionary and ecological, this farming technique reduces greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates pesticides and encourages local farming for incomparable freshness. Several varieties and blends of microgreens will be grown at the Laval store, and then be distributed to Avril’s other branches.

Avril is proud to be the first retailer to use the CultiGo platform!

"We are proud of our partnership with Avril, which gives consumers access to local, pesticide-free food while allowing them to do their part for the environment," says Inno-3B President Martin Brault.

A unique cosmetics department
To meet growing demand, Avril is making space for an even bigger natural cosmetics department. A brand new atmosphere and a decor worthy of the most renowned beauty destinations have been designed to display iconic natural and organic cosmetics brands from here and abroad. Customers can also benefit from personalized recommendations from the beauty advisors and receive skin care treatments in private treatment rooms.

Martin Brault, President, Inno-3B; Sylvie Senay, Vice-President, Avril; Rolland Tanguay, President, Avril reap the benefits of their hard work!

Martin Brault, President, Inno-3B; Sylvie Senay, Vice-President, Avril; Rolland Tanguay, President, Avril reap the benefits of their hard work!